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2014 Race Season

04/23/2014, 6:45am CDT
By Michael Egan

UMLY Triathlon and St. Croix 70.3

hydration for endurance sports

Simple Hydration Tip!

04/17/2014, 10:30am CDT
By Anne Guzman

A simple way to test if you are hydrating enough in warmer temperatures.

Battenkill Cycling Race

Battenkill, Oh Battenkill! How I love thee...

04/08/2014, 1:30pm CDT
By Jacob Mueller

Battenkill is always a race of attrition.

battenkill race 2014

Pre Battenkill Race Chatter

04/03/2014, 3:30pm CDT
By Jacob Mueller

Timing and Composition of Nutrition

Timing and Composition of Nutrition

03/26/2014, 1:45pm CDT
By Anne Guzman

tour of battenkill, dirt road, triathlon training ground

Tour of Battenkill

03/20/2014, 6:15am CDT
By Michael Egan

Triathlon Training at its Toughest

tour of battenkill 2014

Tour of Battenkill 2014

03/12/2014, 1:45pm CDT
By Jacob Mueller

Back for more!

Training Nutrition label

All Fats Are Not Created Equal

03/07/2014, 9:15am CST
By Anne Guzman

Naples cycling training

Naples Training: Day 1

02/27/2014, 3:45pm CST
By Michael Egan

Gulf Coast Triathlon Training Trip

Triathlon Swimming

Off-Season Triathlon Training

02/20/2014, 6:15am CST
By Michael Egan

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul