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About Us


PAINCAVE is where grueling workouts, intended to make you a better athlete, take place. PAINCAVE is the most dynamic approach to fitness training available anywhere. 

PAINCAVE episodes provide 30 to 90 minutes of interactive cycling training using footage from the greatest bike races in the world. The episodes are HD quality and are available to members on the media device of their choosing.

PAINCAVE is “Life’s Change Agent.” Every person that participates in a sport or wants to improve his or her life can benefit from PAINCAVE programming. PAINCAVE goes beyond runners and bikers - golfers, skiers, tennis players, soccer players, any sport, any athlete and anyone trying to improve their fitness level and/or quality of life can improve through PAINCAVE.

PAINCAVE forms a community where members can interact with other members, cycling coaches, the PAINCAVE ALL- STARS, and other contributors. 

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Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments:

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 504
Edgemont, PA 19028

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