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Bucks County Classic: A Success!

09/10/2013, 7:00am CDT
By Jacob Mueller
Bucks County Classic Cycling Races

Jacob Mueller bombing a descent at Bucks County Classic 


Sitting on a plane typing away.  Legs are heavy, mind is solid, confidence is back.  Quick recharge back in Wisconsin, then I'm headed south for a weekend of racing in Greenville, SC.  Bottom line; I'm back.  The hours of physical therapy, riding, ice, heat, massage, chiropractic care and patience have indeed paid off.  

Watching Philly right now as it passes away below me.  My old stomping grounds; always a great place to visit and see my friends.  Also, a great place to race your bike.  Bucks County Classic is the new name for the old Univest Race.  Race promoter, John Eustice has done a great job in creating a rich tradition of challenging, strong man type, races mimicking the one day classics found in Belgium.  Famous names like Tom Boonen and Lance Armstrong have been part of this event.  This year's course would live up to the tradition.     
Road Race (New Hope to Doylestown):  103 miles with 8300+ feet of climbing.  Simply put, this was the equivalent to the longest criterium….EVER.  Technical, narrow and twisty roads have me believe this was one of the top 5 hardest road races I've ever done.  Short, punchy power climbs combined with the length of the race had its wear on the field.  142 started, 65 finished.  I was 1 of the 65….barely.  The break went early (first 5k of the race) and unfortunately I must admit that I saw the attack that created it all.  If I've learned anything about my injury, it's the disturbing fact that it takes my body forever to warm up.  I was not ready for the break, nor was my hamstring.  I missed it.  So, there you have it, the race just went up the road.  Now what?  I settled in the best I could, climbed a lot and soon I'm off the front with 1 other guy in a suicide attempt to bridge up.  Didn't happen, but I did get some good sponsor exposure.!! The field whittled down as the day got longer and longer.  I finished just off the back of the main field and was happy to be greeted by loud fans as we arrived into Doylestown.   
Criterium (Doylestown): Longest. Crit. Ever.  50 miles, what?  Most crits tend to be 30-35 miles.  Add to that almost 3000 ft of climbing and you can see that this race turned into an attrition fest.  Why do we do it? Simple...Doylestown crowd is amazing!  They welcome us with open arms and see us as gladiators; a show!  I love them; homemade signs, cowbells, air horns, microphones, alcohol, porch parties and more.  The other reason is that I've had some demons I needed to take care of.  I've done this crit 4x and have finished only twice.  This year a 16th place finish left me with a smile.  Also, a cheerful, somewhat drunk, crowd offering a free bottle of beer afterwards always makes for a good post race feeling.  bzzzzzzzz  On top of all that, racing in front of my old 'hometown' crowd made for an amazing day.  Thank you Doylestown.  
As stated before, I'm headed to Wisconsin for a quick dose of simple home state goodness, then back on the road to Greenville, SC to conclude the SRS Series with a criterium on Saturday (14th) and a road race on Sunday (15th). After that, I'm hoping for one last dose in Vegas for the USA Crit Series Finals on Sep 19th.  
Thanks for reading.      

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